Family law is a broad field of law and encompasses everything from divorce, child support, child custody, spousal support, and marital separation agreements. Your involvement in family law matters can be one of the most stressful times of your life, require many court filings and court hearings, and can involve making hard personal and economic decisions.

At Sowder Law Firm we can help you navigate these complex issues. We offer both full-service representation at an hourly rate, limited scope representation for preparation of Request for Orders and attendance at hearings at an hourly rate, and flat fees for many other stages of your divorce.

We also offer mediation services and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services to help you and your spouse amicably resolve your divorce without costly and time-consuming litigation.

Our flat fee services include the following packages:

  • Divorce Starter Package: we help you start your divorce proceeding and assist with completing your Petition, Summons, and UCCJEA Declaration.
  • Response Package: we help you with your Response to the Petition and UCCJEA Declaration.
  • Initial Financial Disclosure Package: we help you complete your initial financial disclosures, including the FL-140, FL-141, FL-142, and FL-150.
  • Marital Settlement Agreement: we help you prepare your Marital Settlement Agreement once you have reached an agreement with your spouse.
  • Default Package: we help you prepare your application to have a Default entered.
  • Default Judgment Package: we help you prepare you Default Judgment paperwork.
  • Judgment Package: we help you prepare your Judgment paperwork.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation. We can meet in person or remotely online.