When a loved one has died, you may be faced with having to probate their estate to collect your inheritance. Probate is a complex court proceeding which involves taking care of your loved one’s final affairs, paying debts, paying taxes, collecting and becoming responsible for your loved one’s property, and ultimately obtaining a court order to distribute your loved one’s property to the rightful heirs. A probate proceeding can be time consuming, challenging, frustrating, and down right scary, especially if you try to “go it alone.” At Sowder Law Firm we can help you navigate the probate process.

Or you may believe that someone is trying to “cheat” you out of what you believe is your rightful inheritance. At Sowder Law Firm we can advise you of what your legal rights are and what your options are. We can represent you in court to collect your inheritance or help you negotiate an out of court settlement.

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